Inspired by the Salish Sea

Thomas Lutz Design
Creation of the useful, artistic, and lasting

A lucky coin toss in 1994 led Tom in the direction of Lummi Island where he discovered both his passion for woodworking and a place to create art that is both useful and lasting.  Each piece can’t help but be influenced by the wildness that surrounds his workshop on Legoe Bay.

The workshop and gallery is steps away from the boat launch at Village Point Marina. A wood burning stove radiates cozy warmth.

Ask Tom about his next creative project — there will be a sage pause. Then, within the words of his measured cadence, you will begin to realize how his works are produced with care and mindfulness. As if each piece is a kernel of artist and place.

Tom’s custom furniture and cabinetry have found homes both near and far, notably the dining tables at the Willows Inn on Lummi Island or at Uisca Irish Pub in downtown Bellingham where you can sip a Guinness at the mahogany bar he created.

Visit Tom at
4232 Legoe Bay Rd, Lummi Island
(360) 220-5324

The shop is open to walk-ins and it’s best to call ahead.