"Sea and Smoke" Released

The buzz has begun: Sea and Smoke: Flavors from the Untamed Pacific Northwest, is now available. This work of love by Chef Blaine and Joe Ray took more than two years to complete.

Sea and Smoke is a travelogue chronicling the plucky ambition of a young chef determined to create a world class dining destination in an unlikely place. A native of the Pacific Northwest, two-time James Beard winning chef Blaine Wetzel saw Lummi Island as the perfect vehicle for his brand of hyperlocalism: a culinary celebration of what is good and nearby and flavorful.

Now, a reservation at The Willows Inn is one of the most sought-after in the world.

The smokehouse, the fishermen, and the farmer yield the ingredients for unforgettable meals at The Willows, reflecting the foggy, sea-salty coast that surrounds the island. The tale of the restaurant’s rise to the top is told by award-winning journalist Joe Ray, who immersed himself in life on Lummi Island for a year, documenting how it all comes together to make The Willows Inn one of the world’s great destination restaurants.

Submerse yourself completely in this world of culinary creation – the garden, the sea, the woods, the smokehouse, the kitchen. Follow the sights and the flavors from the sources to your plate and palate. Special events celebrating the book release are planned this winter – just in time for holiday gifting!