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Get inspired by your neighbor

As a good neighbor, REC Retreats is invested in being an active, contributing member of this precious island community. 

REC Retreats is a privately owned home. Private instructors are able to rent the home and use the facilities to offer creative weekend retreats and one-day workshops. The home has plenty of room to provide meeting spaces and lodging for small corporate events as well. There are many different instructors who use the space, providing a wide variety of events. Some instructors invite the public to their events, and those events are listed on the REC Retreats website.

Events serve two main purposes. REC Retreats inspires creativity and growth through well-organized, engaging, educational events and offsite team meetings. And these events create a treasured sense of belonging for participants in a sometimes fragmented and disconnected world.

Workshops and retreats

Kjerstin, REC Retreats founder and owner, has warmly welcomed many groups for creative one-day workshops, weekend retreats as well as small corporate off-site events. 


Instructors (or small businesses) contact Kjerstin with concrete plans, (or just glimmers of ideas) of organizing their own event. The instructor plans their activities, gathers a group of enthusiastic participants, and then he/she rents REC Retreats for a day (or a weekend.) Consider it a short-term rental with big benefits! 

The venue

In the ground floor meeting space groups have access to a conference table and comfortable sitting area for 10 to 12 participants with smaller breakout rooms throughout. 

The attached studio/workshop is a 900 square-foot space is perfect for art projects, yoga, or larger meetings at two conference tables. 

Upstairs is a sleeping space for multi-day events. There are four bedrooms upstairs (two private, two shared) where eight people can enjoy their own comfortable beds. For one-day workshops, participants have the option of booking those same comfortable beds on Friday and/or Saturday night to creating their own weekend getaway. 

Those are the nuts and bolts of REC Retreats. Here is the HEART …

Creating a micro-community

Inspired by the strong sense of community on the island, Kjerstin strives to create a “micro-community” during each event by making every single participant feel valued (and invaluable) the moment he or she walks through the door. 

Instructors and small businesses who treasure diversity and align with the model of “healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy imaginations” arrive at their event ready to deliver activities of the highest caliber. 

Kjerstin greets participants with unconditional acceptance and big plans to pamper them all day. Beverages, snacks and meals are part of the fee, so participants can come together, establish human connections, and share in the satisfying act of eating as a group.

Inevitably, participants leave REC Retreats reluctantly, but with new skills, deeper understandings, and the comforting sense of knowing that they simply belong.

Giving back

Every REC Event "gives back" to the community. We give a little something, and encourage participants to bring something extra, as part of the event fee. Money or materials are donated to Lummi Island community organizations, or other non-profit organizations in neighboring communities such as the Lummi Nation, Ferndale or Bellingham.


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