Support Paddle to Lummi!

by John Robinson

The Tribal Canoe Journey is coming to Lummi Nation this summer!

In 2007 I was honored to volunteer at the first Lummi Nation hosted annual Tribal Canoe Journey. It was one of the most memorable cultural events in my 40+ years living on Lummi Island.

This event is being organized by the Lhaq'Temish Foundation with special recognition to Executive Director Candice Wilson and project coordinator Rebecca Kinley.

Each year since 1989, the Canoe Journey is hosted by a different Salish Sea tribe. On July 24-28, Lummi Nation will welcome to its shores an estimated 100 canoe families from other tribal nations on the Salish Sea, along the Pacific Coast, British Columbia, and Alaska with invited guests from New Zealand, Japan, Hawaii, and Florida.

Paddlers depart from Lummi Nation on Canoe Journey 2016

Paddlers depart from Lummi Nation on Canoe Journey 2016

Lummi Nation will provide food for an estimated 6,000 guests each day for the Canoe Journey families and their support crews, tourists, and Whatcom County residents who are graciously invited to join this landmark event.

Lummi Islanders will again have a front row seat to this cultural event and can help be a part of this amazing undertaking. It is important to know that:

  • Tribal canoes are not called “boats”.

  • The canoes are not “rowed” but paddled.

  • Canoe members are paddlers or pullers.

Facebook Event: Paddle to Lummi 2019

Facebook Event: Paddle to Lummi 2019

Your support for Canoe Journey 2019 can strengthen relationships between Lummi Nation and the surrounding community, honor the first inhabitants of these lands and waterways, and help revitalize Native culture and identity.

There are several ways in which you can support this significant cultural event:

Learn more about the history of the Canoe journey at and Wikipedia.

Volunteer before and at the event. Contact information here.

Make a personal donation. An estimated $1.1 million is needed to host canoe families, guest, and visitors. That’s a lot of salmon dinners! Donate at GoFundMe.

Encourage Lummi Island organizations and businesses to donate and sponsor. Community sponsorship opportunities here.

Attend Paddle to Lummi July 24-28, and have FUN!

Your cash donations today are tax deductible through the Lhaq'temish Foundation.