Beach School celebrates 100 years


The 2019-2020 school year features a year-long celebration in recognition of Beach School's 100th year. The event series begins on Friday, September 20 with a musical evening full of old favorites and sing-along songs. See all the events at Beach School’s Centennial Celebration page.

Beach School c. 1938

Beach School c. 1938

Why our school’s history is our future

In 1920, the Lummi Island community built a rustic school house that became filled with exciting experiences for hundreds of alumni worldwide. This school house consolidated two smaller school houses once located near the Isle-Aire neighborhood on Blizard Road (North End School) and the fire station (South End school). The original school was a log cabin in the 1890s just south of the ferry dock.

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Today Beach School is one of about 500 U.S. schools offering the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program - maybe even THE smallest school to offer IB programming. This is drawing students from the mainland and offers another benefit to families considering Lummi Island as their home.

1919 or 1920?

Beach School 75th reunion (1994)

Beach School 75th reunion (1994)

For many years the community was under the impression the school was built in 1919, and so the 75th anniversary was celebrated in 1994. According to local archivist Paul Davis, “the historical records, as researched by former Lummi Island resident and historian, Peggy Aiston and by former Beach School teacher Nyleptha Ford are quite clear that the first community meeting to discuss a proposed new school was in January, 1920.” Property was purchased in February and construction began October 1920.

What’s your story?

Beach Elementary School is now collecting stories and memories to compile a history of the school. Please send your memories and stories to