Wind and tide stomp the island

A perfect storm hit here in the night and on into the morning of March 10. High astronomical tides and unusually low atmospheric pressure caused a tide of 11.3 feet while winds roared through at 80 miles per hour.

Legoe Bay Road closed, the scene after an extreme high tide covered Village Point in driftwood.

The seawall at Village Point take a beating as gulls lay low.

Rollers swamp Legoe Bay as the sun starts to shine on Village Point Marina.

On the other side of the island, the Beach Store Cafe loses an iconic pine. It fell into an empty parking lot.

Photo by Eric Lynch

The ferry crew attempts docking. After the first—and very exciting—5:40 am run, the Whatcom Chief suspended service. The ferry rode out the rest of the storm in Hale Passage.

Cars wait for ferry service to resume, the line extending past Granger Way at times. The ferry was able to start again about 11 am.