Spring at Tree Frog Farm

Lungwort in bloom

Lungwort in bloom

Contributed by Diana Pepper

Happy Equinox—it’s Spring! Flowers are bursting forth on the native plants in the woods and medicinal plants of our labyrinth garden. 

The day before equinox, I made the Lungwort Flower Essence. Lungwort is an early blooming garden ornamental and medicinal herb that has scalloped funnel shaped flowers in small bunches that start pink then turn to blue. Its green leaves with little white blotches are said to resemble lung tissue. Herbalists use lungwort to treat lung conditions such as bronchitis, chronic coughs and asthma.

As a flower essence, Lungwort reminds you to slow down and soften by connecting with your heart. Like our two lungs working together, it engenders internal balance by moving beyond duality. 

At a deeper level, Lungwort Flower Essence reminds you that what we see and experience as physical is only a part of what is happening. The “unseen” level affects what happens physically. Take a computer for example. We see how the words and images look on the screen. Yet we don’t see the series of ones and zeros underlying the code that makes the program function. We don’t see the electrons moving through the system making everything work. At this level, the Lungwort Flower Essence helps you to come into dynamic harmony with the “unseen” that underlies your daily life. 

Next time you see a flower, look deeply and listen closely. What is it saying to you?

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InJoy, Diana

Diana Pepper, co-owner of Tree Frog Farm on Lummi Island, produces flower and tree essences of native plants and medicinal herbs. Her joy is helping clients to integrate inner well being into their daily lives, and her love is introducing students to plant spirit healing. 

Diana explains the making of an essence

The process of making an essence is like tuning into a radio station. Turning the dial directs you to a particular frequency. The more clearly your radio is aligned with that frequency, the clearer the transmission. If not there is static.

I provide the intention to attune, dial up the frequency by inviting the specific plant spirit to participate, and act as the antenna to receive that transmission. Instead of a song, what is received is more like a tone, a single note. Later, when several essences are mixed together to make our Flower Essence Blends, they create a chord, and even a song.