Seal pups need your help!

In 2015, two harbor seal pups on Lummi Island were saved by Whatcom Marine Mammal Stranding Network (WMMSN) with care at Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

Wolf Hollow can no longer take seal pups. So WMMSN is creating their own triage pup center with help from crowdfunding.

Without a new facility these pups have no place to go. There were 50 seal pup stranding calls from April to September, 2015.

Time is critical

Pupping season starts soon. Thanks to a partnership with Whatcom Humane Society's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center the WMMSN has a safe, healthy and regulatory approved place for these pups, if the additional fencing and materials are in place. Any donation is appreciated to reach the goal of $4,000.

You can help

Funds raised through GoFundMe will go towards ensuring rescued marine mammals continue to have a fighting chance. It means alot to WMMSN, but it means so much more to the animals who face challenges to their survival. 

Whatcom Marine Mammal Stranding Network is a nonprofit organization that responds to injured, stranded and deceased marine mammals in Whatcom County including Lummi Island. 

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Principle Investigator

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