The Bear is Every-wear

In the past year, Necia Dallas has loved soaking up the personalities and culture of this wee, unparalleled map-dot we call Lummi Island. From ferry protocols to free-range dog debates, to water bottles left on the boat dock, to hand position on the steering wheel, there is nowhere our conversation won't go! And in honor of that, she’s been inspired to start an illustration series based on memorable island happenings and observations.

The first installment, our island-hopping, birdhouse-bending friend, the Swimming Bear. We tracked the bear’s visit here in summer 2018.

Necia has created some prints and other sundries with his visage on them, including mugs, onesies, and stickers, in a new collection on her store devoted solely to our island.

Coming soon… the free-range dogs of Lummi Island.

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