Lummi Island Gallery: showcase of the Island

Opening with the PRIDE & JOY exhibition during the Artists' Studio Tour, the Gallery will continue to be open year-round with a stunning array of local and African art. 

The Gallery is nestled in Village Point Marina next to the (also new) Silly Goose store, Thomas Lutz Design, and the Legoe Bay Winery.  Perfect for a summer's day wander while strolling along Legoe Bay.

Lummi Island Gallery
4232 Legoe Bay Road
(360) 305-0882


SATURDAY 11 am to 4 pm
SUNDAY 12 am to 4 pm
MONDAY 10 am to 2 pm
TUESDAY closed
THURSDAY Noon to 4 pm
FRIDAY Noon to 4 pm
HOLIDAYS Noon to 4 pm

Sculpture by Norbie Schmidlin during the exhibition opening

Sculpture by Norbie Schmidlin during the exhibition opening

Our little island abounds with incredibly talented artists and artisans and I am so thrilled to be able to offer them a permanent venue for their work.
— Bridged, curator at Lummi Island Gallery

Selections of the Exhibiton

More examples and artist information available at

Pete L Bowman
Bellingham native, painter, and printmaker, with studios on Lummi Island and near Atlanta, Georgia. 

Norbie Schmidlin
"Creativity is my oxygen, my strength, my spirituality."

Zulu Baskets
Wonderfully graphic, crafted from telephone wire in Africa.

Judy Arnsten
has developed her craft in the medium of the indigenous bull kelp which can be found lying fallow on local beaches.

Kaross Embroidery
the embodiment of a passion for colour, for the tactile, and for the culture of the VaTsonga people of South Africa.

Lynn Dee
loves the excitement of the Raku firing process, "It is elemental and climactic and thrills my artistic soul.”