Total Burn Ban Comes Early

A “total burn ban” will take effect Friday, June 26, 2015 on Lummi Island. This means all outdoor burning is prohibited. Charcoal and propane is allowed.

According to Chief McLane, this is the earliest date a total burn ban has been instituted on the island. In 1995 there was a short burn ban after Memorial Day when about 100 DNR firefighters descended on Lummi Island to fight a wildfire. Usually a total ban does not happen until August or September.

The summer brings visitors and part-time residents who may not realize even a small recreational fire is prohibited. If the fire department is called to respond to an illegal fire they have the authority to recover costs from the person responsible for the fire.

Propane and charcoal barbecues are still allowed, but care should be used in the disposal of any charcoal and ashes. Charcoal and ash should be discarded in a metal container and dowsed with water. The container should be kept 10 feet from any structures or trees for 72 hours.

Commercially available propane fire rings are currently allowed, but must be located 25 feet from trees, brush, and structures. Also, a water source must be located nearby. No ember producing fires of any kind are allowed.

Extreme fire danger is due to the unusually dry year. Total burn ban is expected to remain through dry-dock, about the end of October.