Ria Nickerson, Good Thunder Arts

Ria Nickerson has been working as a full time potter since 1971, first in Minnesota and since 1977 on Lummi Island. She produces a wide range of functional, sculptural, and designer pieces. 

Each piece of pottery is individually handcrafted of high fired stoneware with glazes selected for high resistance to abrasion. Ria mixes her own clays and glazes from raw materials, individually hand throws or forms each piece, and does the design work in damp clay. Many designs are hand drawn through various colors of her porcelain slip revealing the stoneware beneath, then glazed in transparent glazes. 

Good Thunder Arts gallery is open year-round by chance or by appointment.

(360) 758-7121
2307 Tuttle Lane
Ria's kiln

Ria's kiln